Sunday, July 14, 2013

bastille day reflection

I don’t know

I don’t know what’s going on

Who’s right

Who’s wrong

Or are we both wrong?

Ha. I’ve sung that song

Should I want to be right?

Should I long too be the one

Who handles the controls

Who shows what can be done?

Part of me is disappointed

Part of me is relieved

Part of me is scared to death

That fear, it motivates

Oh yes.

Motivates far better than faith

‘Cause faith is scary.

It requires leaping

Not knowing

Where you’re going

Well, you know what you


And desire

But faith

Faith is about trusting

Someone Higher.

I ask myself

Is what He wants

What I want?

Do I trust

What His plan

Has in store?


In fact,

I trust it more.

More than my fears

Though some are born

From this trust

From this unknown.

But really—

Who’s to say

What I expect is wrong?

Or what I want won’t be

What I get?

No one.

Not a soul.

Unless it contradicts

His bonne parole

It’s all so open

Not closed

Do I feel it?

Oh make love to my heart

And comfort my soul

And give me control

No, not control.


I need predictability.

“The best way to decrease


"Is to react.

"The best way

"To increase predictability

"Is to be



Let me be proactive.

And come,

Proact with me

Let’s increase the


Of notre vie.

I love Him.

I serve Him.

Want to serve

With me?

I trust Him.

I let Him

Change me.


What’s going on?

Who’s right

And who’s wrong?

Or are we both

In the same song

Swimming along?


What’s going on?

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