Monday, September 2, 2013

Primary Ponderings

It’s not always easy

But I’m trying

Trying to look beyond myself

Beyond my eyes

Beyond my hurt

And when I do

I see you standing

No, sitting

Calm, patient, and sure

Sure that it will all work out

I know. I know it will


Will we work out?

Silly question

No answer

The right question isn’t will

Or even when

But how.

How will it work out?

I don’t know

But I believe

I have faith

Heaps of faith

Leaps of faith

Leaps of love

And hope.


Yes, love

My love for Him is greater

Than my love for him.

My trust in Him

Is deeper than my trust

In him.

My faith in Him

His plans, His ways,

His love for me

Is truer than my faith

In him.

Does that diminish him?

No. Not in the least.

It gives him,




And hope.

See, the real question

Is not will it work out…

But will I recognize it

When it does?

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