Thursday, September 26, 2013

Research methods musings

They burst into
Flaming color
Celebrating death
With life
The flow drifts
Almost to a stop
Pushed by momentum
Hibernating for
This cryogenic path
I feel my heart
That could be
Will be
I hope.
Hope springs
Spring is what
I hope for
Is my goal
We can reach it
Have it
Receive the gift.
Eternity is ours.
Maybe in the spring
Of my hope
We Will enter in
At the Gate.
Next fall,
The spring of my
Plunge deep into
The leaves
Crunchy with their
Last efforts
To love,

With me.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Social Work Policy 2.0 or Hindsight of a Star

Twinkle, twinkle,
Little tear
How I feel
When you are near.
Let me change
Your written end.
Let me show you
I'm you're friend.
Twinkle, twinkle,
Little tear
How I feel
When you are near.

Sparkle, sparkle
Brightened soul
How I see your fate
Loving more than
You receive
Letting yourself
just Believe.
Sparkle, sparkle
Brightened soul
How I see your
Fate unfold.

Tell me, tell me,
Dearest friend,
Why you felt
It all should end?
Did you think
Your life fell
Was the war
Hard to
Tell me, tell me,
Dearest friend
Why you felt
It all should end?


Twinkle, twinkle,
falling tears
Help me feel
That you

are near.

Social Work Policy 1.3 (Anticipation of a phone call)

Tell me
A thing or two
About the love
I have for you.
Show me
The way I care
When neither he
Nor she are there.
Give me
Some good advice
On how you'll add me
To your life.
Let me
Begin to be
The person that
I hope to be.

Social Work Policy 1.2

Come away
And show me your
Wash your windows
With the salty tears
of Love.
Whisper in the dark
Shout in the Son
Wind may rage
But will not change
What we Are.
Is a crunchy leaf
blown miles away
Any less
a leaf?
A sponge for
Soak up the
Convert to life
Life and hope
Come away
And show me your


Social Work Policy 1.1

I work hard
Blood, sweat, tears
Hoping for many years
To come
To love
My dearest heart
We wait to start
But I fear neutral
Will kill me someday.
Some mornings
I wake up alone
Feeling toute seule
Though I know
You are beating along
A solicitous song
But I dance the swing
And you two-step past
And the morning fades
Slowly away.

We'll figure it all
I know.
You know.
Let's go!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Primary Ponderings

It’s not always easy

But I’m trying

Trying to look beyond myself

Beyond my eyes

Beyond my hurt

And when I do

I see you standing

No, sitting

Calm, patient, and sure

Sure that it will all work out

I know. I know it will


Will we work out?

Silly question

No answer

The right question isn’t will

Or even when

But how.

How will it work out?

I don’t know

But I believe

I have faith

Heaps of faith

Leaps of faith

Leaps of love

And hope.


Yes, love

My love for Him is greater

Than my love for him.

My trust in Him

Is deeper than my trust

In him.

My faith in Him

His plans, His ways,

His love for me

Is truer than my faith

In him.

Does that diminish him?

No. Not in the least.

It gives him,




And hope.

See, the real question

Is not will it work out…

But will I recognize it

When it does?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

bastille day reflection

I don’t know

I don’t know what’s going on

Who’s right

Who’s wrong

Or are we both wrong?

Ha. I’ve sung that song

Should I want to be right?

Should I long too be the one

Who handles the controls

Who shows what can be done?

Part of me is disappointed

Part of me is relieved

Part of me is scared to death

That fear, it motivates

Oh yes.

Motivates far better than faith

‘Cause faith is scary.

It requires leaping

Not knowing

Where you’re going

Well, you know what you


And desire

But faith

Faith is about trusting

Someone Higher.

I ask myself

Is what He wants

What I want?

Do I trust

What His plan

Has in store?


In fact,

I trust it more.

More than my fears

Though some are born

From this trust

From this unknown.

But really—

Who’s to say

What I expect is wrong?

Or what I want won’t be

What I get?

No one.

Not a soul.

Unless it contradicts

His bonne parole

It’s all so open

Not closed

Do I feel it?

Oh make love to my heart

And comfort my soul

And give me control

No, not control.


I need predictability.

“The best way to decrease


"Is to react.

"The best way

"To increase predictability

"Is to be



Let me be proactive.

And come,

Proact with me

Let’s increase the


Of notre vie.

I love Him.

I serve Him.

Want to serve

With me?

I trust Him.

I let Him

Change me.


What’s going on?

Who’s right

And who’s wrong?

Or are we both

In the same song

Swimming along?


What’s going on?