Monday, June 8, 2009


Some of you may have noticed some similarities between the subjects of my poems and certain people in my life. I want to say right now that I write what I know, and am constantly inspired by events in my life. But do not mistake inspiration for accuracy.

Many times my peoms start off a certain way, but by the time I reach the end, the direction has changed completely. I like this, for it lets me truly express what I'm feeling.

So, don't worry if it seems like I might be writing about our situation: I was just inspired by it. Not documenting it.


He has two orbs of glass
Sitting in for eyes
Few people recognize it
But I can see his lies.
Those black and shaded windows
Are what he hides behind
Darkness reigns in his heart
No light enters his mind.

When's he gunna see?
When's he gunna see
What it is that he can be?
When's he gunna know,
When's he gunna know
That I don't enjoy his show,
his shallow show...

His brow is made of marble
It's frozen in a frown.
I'm sure his perfect smile
Would shine if he'd allow
But the thin line of those pretty lips
Are stuck in place for good
His emotions hidden deep inside
The way he thinks they should.

But when's he gunna see,
When's he gunna see
What it is that he can be?
When's he gunna know,
When's he gunna know
I don't enjoy his show,
His maddening show.
It makes me feel... so... low...

What happened to the light
I saw inside your soul?
You were once my heat
Now you leave me cold.
Come back to life, I beg you, please!
I pray for you on bended knee!
Oh God show him just who he is,
And I promise now, sure as I live
That I will never leave You out.
I'll live on Earth without one doubt.

But his eyes are made of glass
Until he makes that change.
I have to walk away now
But giving up feels strange.
This no more my battle
It's his alone to fight
He has to thaw the marble
And let in the true light.

When's he gunna see
When's he gunna see
What he really means to me?
When's he gunna know
When's he gunna know
that he forced me to go?
Even though I loved him so.

I wish that he could know.