Thursday, June 13, 2013

Valenciennes to Caen

I don't know what I think
I know even less what I feel
All I am sure of is the fact
That your role is semi real
I thought I learned my lesson
God intended me to learn
But again you waltz into my thoughts
Again I start to yearn
Funny all the different parts
About your own true self
Pull me in and push me out
I'm slightly overwhelmed
Go away, get out, leave not a trace
I'm worse when I'm with you
And yet you make my night light up
Doing things I wouldn't do.
She saw it on my face last time
The joy you bring my heart
But it never can end happily
Why do I let it start?
I love you, yes, and feel you more
Than I'd ever like to stay
But it rumbles round like a poisoned meal
I wish it would go away
These feelings are rather premature
My mom would mock and tease
Then hangs the thing I'm scared to ask

Do you really even... want me?

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